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The Monash Medical Centre Emergency Department is undergoing a significant redevelopment so that we can provide the best possible care for critically ill or injured patients.

Monash Medical Centre
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Commencing in September 2019 and with an expected completion in 2022, the project will deliver an expanded emergency department for Monash Medical Centre, including a dedicated paediatric emergency department for Monash Children's Hospital and a specialised area for treating patients with complex issues.

 The project's construction around Monash Medical Centre includes: 
• Telecommunications and electrical works along Dixon Street;
• The installation of two new sets of traffic lights on Clayton Road;
• The construction of a second entrance to Monash Medical Centre, south of the existing entry;
• Works along Clayton Road to improve traffic flow. 

These changes will improve the way ambulances enter the Monash Medical Centre and ensure visitors, delivery vehicles and couriers can also access our site with minimal disruption to traffic in surrounding streets. 

Every effort is being made to minimise noise, dust, and disruption. There will be some times when lane closures and pedestrian detours cannot be avoided. 

We thank you for your understanding as we upgrade our facilities to provide critical care to patients.

For more information please call or email on the contact details provided below.




March 2021

There are major changes coming at Monash Medical Centre and Monash Children’s Hospital as part of our emergency department expansion.

From Wednesday the 24th of March our emergency department entry and triage desk will relocate to the brand-new emergency facility to the north of the old emergency department. This will allow the old emergency department to be closed and completely refurbished.

For emergency drop-off vehicles can access the site via a Dixon Street entry. This is for emergencies only, as the adjacent parking spaces are designated for ambulances and emergency services. All other parking is accessed via the main Clayton Road entry.

The project, which is on-track from completion in early 2022, will ultimately deliver a significantly larger and more contemporary emergency department, a dedicated children’s emergency department for Monash Children’s Hospital, and a separate crisis hub for vulnerable patients.

 In April the main front entry to Monash Medical Centre will temporarily relocate approximately 50m to the right of the existing entry, which will be closed for a major refurbishment. 

Patients and visitors may park in the existing multi-level car park and walk to the new entry or may utilise the existing drop-off loops at either Monash Medical Centre or Monash Children’s Hospital.

“We recognise this is a major change, and that it will require patience and understanding from our employees, visitors, and patients,” said David Ballantyne, Executive Director of Capital and Infrastructure.

"These temporary changes are crucial and will allow the next stages of the emergency department redevelopment and traffic improvement project.”