Don Riddington

1 April 2018 

Only hours after waking from open heart surgery, Monash Health patient Don Riddington was already planning his next swim across the English Channel.

After becoming the oldest Australian to swim the Channel in 2013, the father of four was planning a relay crossing when he found himself uncharacteristically out of breath while climbing at altitude in Salt Lake City earlier this year.

Tests later revealed narrowings in both main arteries to Mr Riddington’s heart, but within weeks he was able to get into Monash Heart for open heart surgery to bypass the blockages and return safe heart function.

Despite only having surgery a few weeks ago, Mr Riddington is already advanced in his recovery.

It will be touch and go whether Mr Riddington will recover his full abilities in time for the planned August relay crossing, in which he will swim one-hour legs of a four or five person team.