Webex video conferencing

Learn how to join a Cisco Webex Meeting, Event or Training session hosted by Monash Health.

Cisco Webex is Monash Health’s preferred video conferencing software. Webex can be used to schedule and join online meetings, events and training.

How to join your first Webex Meeting, Event or Training session

You can join a meeting, event or training from your computer or smartphone. First, you’ll need to find the Webex details, which could have been sent to you as an email invitation or the details might appear featured in one of our upcoming events. Every meeting, event or training will also have a unique ID number and password if a URL link has not been shared with you.

Example of an email invitation to a Webex Meeting

Example of an email invitation to a Webex Meeting

If you’ve received an automated email invitation, it’s as easy as clicking Join to start your Webex Meeting.

Please contact the Webex organiser if you are missing the details to join your meeting, event or training session.

The Cisco Webex experience is similar between meetings, events and training sessions, but each have different functions:

  • Webex Meetings are great for small to large groups of people who want to collaborate using video conferencing tools. Everybody can share their screen, video and microphone at any time.
  • Webex Events allow a small group of panellists to present to hundreds (or even thousands) of people. Attendees cannot share their screen, video or microphone unless they have been invited to present.
  • Webex Training sessions are engaging, virtual training experiences, which allow the host to split participants into multiple breakout rooms for interactive discussions.

The guides below provide step-by-step instructions for joining a Webex Meeting, Event or Training Session.

Join a Webex Meeting

Cisco Webex Help Center

Join a Webex Event

Cisco Webex Help Center

Join a Webex Training session

Cisco Webex Help Center

Download the Cisco Webex Meetings app and try a test meeting

Allow yourself time to download and test the Webex app before joining your meeting, event or training.

Download Cisco Webex Meetings for your computer or smartphone

When joining Webex, you can also follow the links in your web browser to ‘install Webex’ or ‘run a temporary application’ for the best experience.

Download Cisco Webex

Please ensure you follow the instructions to install Webex Meetings and not Webex Teams.

Use the Webex Web App

If you’re unable to download the software to your computer, you can also join a Webex Meeting, Event or Training session in the latest web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Join a test meeting

Make sure you’re ready for Webex by joining a test meeting. You can join a test meeting using your computer or smartphone. Please note that some features of a Webex Meeting may be different to the Event and Training applications.

Join a Test Meeting

Cisco Webex Help Center

Participating in a Webex Meeting, Event or Training session

Take a few moments to learn how to switch your camera and microphone on (or off), how to customise your screen layout so that you can see more people, and how to share content, like a Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote presentation.

Check your microphone and webcam

The Webex app gives you a moment to check how you look and sound when you first join. Throughout your meeting, event or training, make sure your microphone is not muted when you are trying to talk.

Change your view

When trying to collaborate with groups or hear from large panels, you may wish to re-arrange your windows. Options like the Grid View allow you to see several people on-screen at once, rather than just one person at a time.

Share your screen

It’s easy to share content like a presentation or document. Before sharing content, don’t forget to close down any background applications, because unused software can slow down Webex and you might accidentally share the wrong window.

Get help and support for your Webex Meeting, Event or Training session

If you don’t have the correct details to join your meeting, event or training session (for example, you might be missing the password), please contact the Webex organiser.

During a Webex, if you’re having trouble hearing or being heard during a meeting, try adjusting the volume. You should also check that mute is switched off and the volume is turned up on your computer or smartphone.

If you’re having problems with the Webex software, visit the Cisco Webex Help Center. The website can help answer frequently asked questions and the search function can be used to learn more about the many different features in a Webex Meeting, Event or Training.

Please note that the features offered in a Monash Health Webex may differ to how the Webex apps appear in the help guides.

Cisco Webex Help Center

Find answers to your questions about Webex.

If you’re a Monash Health employee

  • Information about how to create and host Webex Meetings, Events and Training sessions is available on the intranet
  • Contact the IT Service Desk for further support