Patients and visitor information

Information for patients and visitors of McCulloch House


Patients admitted to McCulloch House are Medicare eligible.


Referrals can be arranged by GPs and other specialists, or after assessment by our Consult Team or a community based palliative care team.

Admission process

Admission can be arranged after contact and consultation with the covering Palliative Care Consultant and the nurse in charge of the shift.

What to bring

  • Recent medications, x-rays and doctors letters
  • Personal toiletries, tissues and clothing as required
  • Tapes, books, favourite soft drink, wine, beer or spirits are permitted
  • Items such as doonas and pillows, radio, clock, photos, if you require these for your comfort.

Our care team

We are a team of professionals who aim to respond to the patient’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. The team consists of doctors, nurses, a social worker, a pastoral care worker, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, a pharmacist, a co-ordinator of volunteers and volunteers, patient service assistants and kitchen staff.

Patient Enquiries

We are happy for relatives to ring at any time, but please be aware that the unit is often quite busy and clerical staff will not be present to answer the telephone after 4:00pm. It would be very helpful to us if the family would appoint a designated spokesperson, someone who can contact other family and friends to advise them of the patient’s progress.

Visiting Hours

As part of our response to the COVID-19 outbreak, reduced visiting hours and visitor limits are in place. 
Please see the Visitor Restrictions page for more information.

Information for visitors


We often experience large numbers of visitors, however, it is recommended that only a couple of people stay with the patient at any one time. The lounge room is available for patients to visit with larger groups of visitors.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times whilst visiting.

Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates for absence from work will only be issued to immediate family members that have been in attendance at McCulloch House. Certificates will be issued at the discretion of Senior Medical Staff, during business hours, Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Overnight Stay

One or two people only may stay overnight in the patient’s room on a recliner/rocker.
We regret that relatives are not able to stay overnight in four-bed areas. There is a necessity for privacy, security and minimal disruption for other patients in the room.

Stay in our family room for one or two people can be arranged.

Access and security

All visitors should enter and leave McCulloch House via the main entrance. All exits have an alarm to alert nursing staff that the doors have been opened. Alarms will sometimes be disabled to allow use of the doors during the day for the pleasure of the patient.

Emergency exits also have an alarm and are not for general use.

The corridor leading to the main kitchen and level 2 of McCulloch House are both out of bounds.


Parking is available in the public car park of Monash Medical Centre Clayton.  Fees apply.  A concession for this car park is available for next of kin after one week. Speak with the Ward Clerk or the nurse in charge of the shift in regard to this matter.

There is no parking available at McCulloch House. Short stay for a drop off or pick up at the front door is permitted.  Please do not park in the driveway or in the area designated for medical staff.

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