Your induction and welcome

Getting started in a career at Monash Health.

We all remember those first few days with a new employer. It can seem daunting as you find your way around, become familiar with your responsibilities, get to know people and learn about the organisation. Once you have commenced with Monash Health we will provide you with a comprehensive orientation to our health service.

This includes;

  • A half day corporate induction session, commencing with a welcome from our Chief Executive. This is followed by a series of guest speakers to introduce you to our operations and departments. Nurses and Midwives have a full day session
  • A ‘local induction’ is arranged by your manager. That includes introducing you to employees, procedures you need to know, safety standards and other information

Our communications with you won’t end there. Regular electronic newsletters and quarterly Chief Executive forums will keep you up to date with what is happening across Monash Health.

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