What our employees say about us

After working at Monash Health for four months, our employees are invited to complete a survey to provide us with feedback on how they have found their employment experiences.

We receive positive results from these surveys and can conclude our new employees enjoy their work and feel they have a lot to look forward to.

For example, new employees tell us they receive a great welcome when starting with Monash Health.  They report enjoyment of their day to day responsibilities and notice we do a good job of acknowledging each other’s contribution. They observe that safety is important to us and that Monash Health values diversity. Our new starters feel especially positive about the learning opportunities we offer.  Communication also rates well and the overall encouragement and support provided is appreciated. These results tell us our new employees are off to a strong start in their careers with Monash Health.

Here is a selection of comments made by our employees;

“The whole process from application to interview to starting with Monash Health was fantastic. I was well informed throughout the entire process. I had my orientation which I found to be very informative and helpful. It was the smoothest process I have ever been through to obtain a job.”  Nurse, Monash Medical Centre

“I am very happy to be an employee of Monash Health. I find my fellow employees and managers easy to get along with.” Nurse, Monash Medical Centre

“The team at Casey Hospital is really brilliant!” Nurse, Casey Hospital

“I am absolutely loving working for Monash Health. I have never felt as supported and encouraged in my job and career in any other health service. I’ll hopefully be here for many years to come.” Physiotherapist, Dandenong Hospital

“I have really enjoyed my work at Monash Health and am privileged to be part of professional, dedicated, hardworking and friendly staff. The working environment at Monash Health is among the best I have worked in so far.” Nurse, Moorabbin Hospital

“My ward is a fantastic environment to work in. Everyone is so welcoming and informative. I have found that on other wards too.” Nurse, Monash Medical Centre

“I love the team dynamics, the workplace environment and the sense of community.” Physiotherapist, Kingston Centre

“My manager is amazing at communicating opportunities and available courses and events of interest to our team.” Midwife, Monash Medical Centre

“I am loving working here.”  Junior Medical Officer, Dandenong Hospital

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