Welcome to your clinical placement at Monash Health, Allied Health Assistance Service.

Your Student Coordinator

Lucy Whelan
M: 0417050815
If you are unable to contact the AHA Student Coordinator, please contact:
Mel Farlie
M: 0404 003 821

 Your Site Contacts

Site Contact Name Email Phone
MMC Clayton Sarah Barnes sarah.barnes@monashhealth.org 9594 2250
Dandenong Hospital Tony Sheng tony.sheng@monashhealth.org 9554 8346
Kingston Centre Sean Kinnaird sean.kinnaird@monashhealth.org 9265 1424
Casey Hospital Megan Taig megan.taig@monashhealth.org 8768 1384
Monash Community – Cranbourne/Pakenham



Robyn McDonald


Kristy Probert



5990 6789



Contact with Clinical Agencies

You are required to make contact with the site you have been allocated, preferably by email, at least one week prior to your placement. Should you not make contact, your placement may be reassigned elsewhere.

Clinical Placement Hours

Clinical placement hours will vary between sites and should be discussed when you contact your agency prior to commencing your clinical placement.

Lunch breaks/morning tea breaks will vary between sites and should be discussed with your clinical educator.


If your education provider has a uniform it should be worn at all times. If not, please refer to Dress Code.

Your student ID badge must be worn at all times.

Discipline services available at each site

At Monash Health we have both interdisciplinary and discipline-specific allied health assistants who work with the following health professionals:

  • Dietitians
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Social workers
  • Speech pathologists

Every effort will be made to expose students to a range of professions and clinical areas during placements.

Suggested preparation for clinical placements

Please review your medical terminology and abbreviations prior to beginning placement.