Infection Control

Monash Health has a dedicated Infection Control Unit across 5 sites and a clear policy and procedure manual. The manual comprises infection control protocols that have been formulated by the Monash Health Infection Control Team and approved by the Monash Health Infection Prevention Committee.

The Infection Control Manual can be found via the Infection Control Unit on the Monash Health intranet site.

Monash Health utilises standard precautions for all patients to reduce infection transmission. Good hand hygiene is the primary means for reducing infection transmission. Monash Health recommends standard soap washing procedures if your hands are visibly soiled, after using the bathroom or if you have had contact with a patient with Clostridium difficile (a bacterium that does not respond to the alcohol based hand rubs). For all other general hand hygiene, the pink Avaguard pump (alcohol based hand rub) is recommended and has been found to be more effective than soap.

There are five critical times for hand hygiene, they are:

  • Before touching a patient.
  • Before a procedure.
  • After a procedure or body fluid exposure risk.
  • After touching a patient.
  • After touching a patient′s surroundings.

Students are required to complete the Online Hand Hygiene Package prior to placement and bring with them proof of completion on their first day of placement.

If you have any queries regarding infection control or occupational exposure please speak with your supervisor immediately.


The following immunisations are recommended for all staff and students at Monash Health.

  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella – documented doses of measles containing vaccine (in those born during or after 1966) or history of the disease
  • Chicken Pox – course of 2 injections or history of disease or positive serology
  • Hepatitis B – history of 3 injections and evidence of blood levels > 10 mlU/ml after vaccinations
  • Mantoux test within 12 months prior to placement
  • Annual Influenza Vaccination (REQUIRED)

It is now a requirement that students undertaking clinical placement at Monash Health to:

  • Provide confirmation of current influenza immunisation status at commencement of placement; OR
  • Obtain influenze vaccination on the first day of placement (provided by Monash Health free of charge to the student and University) OR;
  • Conscientous Objectors may continue placement by wearing a mask at all times while in the clinical setting.