Emergency Codes

Monash Health has adopted the standard colour code system for specific emergencies as provided in AS 4083-1997. Colour codes for emergencies other than those listed below may lead to confusion and shall not be used. Please familiarise yourself with these codes, to prepare you for your placement.

To call a Code within Monash Health, dial 999.

Fire Training

All students are expected to complete online fire training prior to commencing their clinical placement. This online training should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

As a student, in the event of a fire, you must follow the instructions of the senior personnel within the department at the time, or zone warden if you are on the wards. Should you be in another area of the hospital at the time the emergency is announced, you should remain in that department and follow the orders of the senior person and zone warden in that area.

In every room you can find an Emergency Procedures booklet explaining the emergency codes and procedures to be followed. Students are able to call in an emergency by dialing 999 stating the type of emergency, the situation and where exactly you are.

At Monash Health, fire training is designed to ensure all staff and contractors can follow our fire and emergency procedures. This online training is mandatory. It must be completed annually by all Monash Health employees and all contractors working at any of our sites.

The package is available here and on the Monash Health intranet to complete at work or off-site. The training is in two parts:

  • informative presentation
  • a short true or false questionnaire

You are expected to bring proof of completion of Fire Training with you on your first day of placement. Placement will not commence without this.