Clinical Hours

Students are expected to fit in with the hours kept by staff at the clinic and are expected to minimise non‐clinic commitments during the placement.

Clinical hours include direct patient‐contact, patient‐related activities and independent study time. The focus of the clinical placement is on attaining the required clinical competencies. Make‐up of missed days may NOT be negotiated with the clinic.

Attendance & Leave


You are expected to attend all orientation sessions, tutorials, and other clinical placement activities as directed by your Student Coordinator or Supervisor.

Unplanned Leave

If you are unwell and unable to attend your clinical placement, you must contact your primary clinical educator via phone as soon as possible, ideally 15-30 minutes prior to the starting time. Email or text message is not appropriate.

Acceptable certification must be handed to the clinical educator on the next working day.

Appropriate certification (e.g. medical certificate from a health professional) is required for all health related absences
A statutory declaration will suffice on one occasion only in place of a health certificate. A maximum of three consecutive days leave can be taken with this statutory declaration.

A statutory declaration is required for compassionate leave.

It is courtesy to assist with work load planning for the student to contact their clinical educator by 4pm if the student knows their likely health status for the following day. Discussions with your Student Coordinator and University need to occur regarding placement days being renegotiated following any unplanned leave.