Orientation to Clinics

There is considerable variation from clinic to clinic. Some areas have developed orientation programs and folders to assist you in adapting to their workplace; others expect you to show initiative. It is expected that you will take responsibility to prepare for your clinical experience. The following points provide a suggestion of areas that may need to be clarified:

  • Location of the clinical facility: maps, public transport timetables
  • Introduction to staff: You must know who you are responsible to and who will be assessing you
  • Introduction to protocols, you must know:
  • Emergency procedures for fire & codes
  • Infection control requirements including hand hygiene
  • Documentation procedures
  • Procedures for the loan of equipment
  • Legal requirements

Further information for your placement can be found under Your Specialty, in the Student Orientation Website.

Clinic expectations

Take the time to clarify with your supervisor any uncertainties you may have about any of the following:

  • Uniforms, name badges
  • Professional behavior (punctuality, absenteeism/time sheets, confidentiality)
  • Expectations of tasks
  • Starting and finishing times
  • Lunch and tea breaks
  • Fitness to practice (you may be required to provide a statement from your treating healthcare practitioner to confirm this)

Documentation Procedures and Accepted Abbreviations

A full description of the Monash Health Documentation Standards and a list of approved Monash Health Abbreviations (note this link will only work on Monash Health computers) are available via the Monash Health intranet site.

For Specialty specific information, please consult Your Specialty

Withdrawal from Clinical Placement

Withdrawal by a student from a subject involving clinical placements is subject to the same rules as withdrawal from any other enrolled university subject.

Reasons for Withdrawal from Placement

A student may be withdrawn from a placement where:

  • The student is consistently unable, after due instruction and guidance, to perform in a professional situation without an inappropriate or an unattainable degree of supervision from the Supervisor in relation to:
  • professional skills involving patient/client comfort or safety;
  • the performance of technical procedures already taught, demonstrated and practiced in a prior professional or practical situation;
  • The student performs in a manner detrimental to the learning experiences of other students;
  • The student breaches the legal, ethical or professional codes relative to professional work;
  • The student demonstrates gross negligence in the performance of an assigned duty.
  • Procedure
  • Where a Supervisor is of the opinion that a student should be withdrawn from a placement, the Supervisor will inform the University of the issues necessitating withdrawal as soon as possible. This will then be further followed up by the student′s university faculty.