Pharmacy careers

Pharmacy education programs are provided to a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students from Victoria, other states and territories of Australia and international universities.

The training program content will vary depending upon the nature of the placement but may include rotations through the clinical pharmacy services within the pharmacy department, including:

  • outpatients/dispensary
  • clinical ward services
  • manufacturing: aseptic and non-aseptic
  • quality use of medicines
  • drug information centre
  • hospital outreach medication review service
  • clinical drug trials

Undergraduate pharmacy students

Education programs are provided to undergraduate pharmacy students from a range of Australian universities.

Professional Experience Placement (PEP) program

As part of Monash University’s undergraduate pharmacy degree, third and fourth year pharmacy students are required to undertake a series of community and hospital pharmacy placements, known as the professional experience placement (PEP) program.

Students completing their placement at Monash Health are given the opportunity to develop skills in the areas of clinical pharmacy, problem solving, medication history taking, patient counselling and therapeutic planning.

Hospital 1 students are rotated through specialty areas within the pharmacy department (drug information, outpatients/dispensary, inpatient pharmacy and aseptic manufacturing) in addition to spending time working with clinical pharmacists on the wards.

Hospital 2 students get the opportunity to work with specialised pharmacists in the areas of clinical trials, drug usage and evaluation and adverse drug reporting, as well as work on the wards.

International pharmacy students

Training objectives

To gain an understanding of:

  • types of services provided by the pharmacy department, in particular: outpatient/dispensary; clinical ward service; manufacturing; quality use of medicines; drug information centre; hospital outreach medication review service
  • clinical drug trial review and logistic support services
  • clinical role of ward pharmacists
  • Monash Health drug formulary, the role of the Therapeutics Committee, its subcommittee and general management of drug expenditure
  • adverse drug reaction monitoring program, drug utilisation evaluation program and other relevant quality use of medicines issues.

General information

  • students will need to be registered as a pharmacy student with the Pharmacy Board of Victoria
  • students must provide evidence of university enrollment and their approval for training at Monash Health Pharmacy Department
  • students must provide evidence of a police check with no record of criminal conviction or charges.

For further information regarding the training program for international pharmacy students see Director of Pharmacy contact details below.

Pharmacy interns

Monash Health Pharmacy Department provides a comprehensive 12 month training program for pharmacy interns whom have completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy.

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