Rene Cornellissen – ICU Nurse

“I was so nervous but the panel was so friendly, reassuring and supportive that before I knew it my family and I were on the plane. We were picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel that was booked for us by Monash Health.”

That was the start of an amazing career for Monash Health ICU nurse Rene Cornellison that continues to exceed all her expectations.

“I have progressed so fast. I am currently in two jobs that I enjoy very much. One is part time as an ICU nurse and the other part time as a clinical coordinator in Haematology Research – I don’t need to make a choice between the two fields that I love most. From what I have noticed Monash Health strives to deliver a high quality of health care to our community, also supports health care workers to further their studies, enhance knowledge with inservice training and short courses.”

Rene is also studying Paediatric Science for ICU part time via long distance learning with Monash Health’s support and says there is no where she would rather be.

“Melbourne is a very family friendly city. Relocating with my family we needed good schools in close proximity of our accommodation and we had a choice out of four primary schools to choose from and a kindergarten which is affiliated with the hospital. Public transport is reliable and frequent to get around at first when settling in. Loads of entertainment for the kids, we love the beach which is a stones throw away and my kids love the animals, lots of farms.”

Rene says the move has been positive for the entire family.