Zoe Andrus – Midwife Casey Hospital

“Monash Health provides job security and satisfaction. The service they offer is very similar to the maternity services provided in the UK however the work load is less stressful and staff morale is very positive. The preconceived ideas about the medical model of care in midwifery in Australia are incorrect and low Risk Midwifery models of care do exist in Monash Health.”
Monash Health provides tertiary, secondary and primary maternity services.

“The Australian way of life is great, and we love it here. Relocation to Australia was not so difficult and I came with my husband and three children and they have settled well,” she says.

“The staff are very friendly and have been very supportive. They have made my family feel welcome and helped me be part of the team. I have enjoyed helping to develop the midwifery lead service at Casey Hospital and am now about to implement Caseload Midwifery there.”

Zoe says the transition process was made easy.

“The Nursing Support Unit at Clayton were fantastic, they gave me lots of information about the process of registration and joining Monash Health, information and about schools and everything else we needed.

“We had incredible support from the moment we arrived at the airport.”

Monash Health is a recognised leader in employing a multi-cultural workforce which is a definite advantage according to Zoe.

“We are a multicultural team at Casey Hospital and everyone is respected and treated equally. I would definitely recommend Monash Health as an employer of choice.

“I have not regretted our decision to relocate and am constantly excited about what the future holds for my family and me at Monash Health.”