Monash Health Bureau

Our Monash Health Bureau team are employed on a casual basis, providing an important resource that for instance fills in for others who are taking leave or just providing additional support where needed.

Many people are seeking flexibility in their work. They seek to be flexible to choose the hours that best suit them, the ability to choose their roster well in advance, the choice of being able to take advantage of some extra hours at short notice and the ease of a simple on line booking system.

Our bureau team are made up of a broad range of backgrounds, from nurses and midwives through to theatre technicans and roles in support services. With our bureau, you experience variation and a warm welcome whichever area you work in.

Some of our bureau employees formerly worked with a nurse or other kind of employment agency. Since joining us they have enjoyed the consistency of working with the same organisation whilst filling in across different departments. Whilst they may spend time helping a range of teams, they have become familiar with our work processes, allowing them to be at ease with the responsibilities of the jobs they work with. Our bureau team also enjoys the support of our co-ordinators who are available to assist with their questions and need for any kind of assistance.

Here is a chance to achieve the work flexibility you are looking for, while being a valued Monash Health team member.

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