Please note that we only accept applications for Graduate Program positions through the job advertisements on the Monash Health e-recruit website. Please do not submit any applications to us via direct e-mail.

When preparing your Graduate Program application we recommend you:

Application Process

As part of the application process via the Monash Health eRecruit system, you will be asked to submit the following documents:

1.  A completed copy of the Monash Health Graduate Program 2020 Application template.

Please note this is a PDF version of the template, a word document version will be available via Monash Health e-recruit

2. Four Clinical References

In the Clinical Referee section of the Monash Health Application Template please provide details of two (2) primary clinical references (third year if possible) who can describe your nursing/midwifery practice as well as the details of two (2) secondary references that we can contact if your primary referees are unavailable. All referees should be someone who has worked directly with you during a clinical placement, ie: Clinical Nurse / midwifery Educator / Facilitator, preceptor or senior nurse / midwife. Please ensure you have a current email address for each referee.

3. Academic Transcript

As part of your application you will need to submit a certified copy of your most recent academic transcript including the grading key page.

4. Clinical Appraisals

As part of your application please submit certified copies of your two (2) most recent clinical appraisals. Please note we accept copies of online appraisals that have been digitally certified by the education provider and / or scanned paper copies which have been certified. Please submit appraisals from acute / sub-acute placements only, do not submit appraisals from Mental Health or Community placements. We are able to accept one second year appraisal if necessary.

Please note that we do not require a cover letter or personalised CV / resume for Graduate Program applications. When you submit your application you will be asked to respond to several questions regarding:

  • Reasons you want to apply for the Monash Health Graduate Program
  • Your learning goals that you want to achieve during your Graduate Program
  • The qualities that you will bring to the role of graduate Nurse / Midwife to ensure our patients have a positive experience at Monash Health