Our 2024 Allied Health Grads have arrived

Felix Metz stands in a room with his hands crossed while smiling.

Podiatry Grad Felix Metz has already hit the ground running and found his feet as a new member of the “pods”. 

“The podiatry team at Monash Health calls themselves the ‘pods’, and I am absolutely loving it here so far,” he said. 

“Everyone has been so approachable, there’s no such thing as a silly question and they’ve really eased me into it – the pressure is taken off when you’ve got a really good team around you like I do here.” 

Recently having graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine, Felix has now been on the job at Monash Health Community Dandenong and Dandenong Hospital for one month. 

“In the hospital we’re working with surgeons, like the vascular and endocrinology teams, making decisions whether to escalate a case or refer back to community care,” he said. 

“In the community centre, it’s people who have been discharged from hospital and we’re trying to get them back on their feet and back into the community.”

So far, Felix has been working with lots of different types of cases including those with neuropathic issues and diabetes patients. 

“The feet are the furthest away from the heart, so it’s usually the first thing that goes downhill,” he said. 

Choosing to kick off his career at Monash Health was an easy choice for Felix. 

“I did my placement at Monash Health a year ago and got to know the “pods”, and culturally, it was the best I found,” he said. 

“I’m glad I chose to start off in the public sector because there’s so much more support – in a private setting you might see your supervisor once or twice to ask questions, but my supervisor is always just next door whenever I need them and I’m always working together with other ‘pods’.” 

So far this year, our Allied Health Grad Program has welcomed 34 new graduates to work across various departments and sites across Monash Health including inpatients, community, aged care, mental health and children’s.

New Physiotherapy Grad Sophie Clarke has started off in the subacute setting at the Kingston Centre – and it’s everything she’d hoped for and more. 

Sophie stands in a gym holding a big green yoga ball while smiling.

Sophie Clarke is having a blast at the Kingston Centre in her new role.

“I’ve loved working at the Kingston Centre so far, my colleagues have been so amazing and really willing to answer my questions, do doubles, and provide lots of support,” she said. 

“It’s a great location and I’ve been able to see lots of different patients and presentations – I’ve even been able to run a circuit-group already, which was really fun!” 

Sophie, who started as an Allied Health  trainee at Monash Health whilst awaiting her AHPRA registration, and has since moved into a graduate position after completing her Master of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University, said she’s looking forward to the range of rotations she can complete and was most looking forward to the opportunity to complete a pelvic health rotation. 

“I’m really fascinated by continence, pelvic health and women’s health, so I’d love to go down that route, but I love that Monash Health offers rotations in different areas, so you get to see and experience different things,” she said. 

“I was really hoping to get a grad position here because it was one of the only health services or hospitals that offered a women’s health and pelvic rotation, and for the variety of rotations on offer.”

Sophie places down cones on the floor of the gym.

Running a circuit group has been a highlight for Sophie so far.

Despite being a bit scary, Sophie has found the transition between student and working physiotherapist more seamless than she imagined. 

“It shocked me how much collaboration there is on the team and how willing everyone is to help,” she said. 

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but it’s been really positive, and with so much support backing me, I’ve really been able to start building my confidence.” 

The Allied Health Early Graduate Program aims to offer a smooth transition from student to the workforce for our newly graduated Allied Health professionals like Felix and Sophie, and includes a varied interdisciplinary education including managing difficult conversations, escalating risks and care, self-management, self-care, clinical supervision and delegation.

Sophie sits on a reformer pilates machine and is smiling.

Sophie is getting more confident each day thanks to the support from her new team.

Unlike many other professional groups, Monash Health also recruits new graduates at various stages during the year. 

With our Allied Health Early Graduate Program running all through the year to accommodate this, we’re able to accept the best Allied Health professionals to start their careers with us at times that are most suitable to them. 

Previous experience in a graduate role is not necessary to be offered a position in our program – regardless of what point in the year you apply to work at Monash Health!  

With an estimated 60 more Allied Health Grads to join us before the end of 2024, we’d like to welcome our new existing and future grads to Monash Health.  

We look forward to seeing you shine, discover yourselves and put your talents and skills to practice! 

To find out more about starting your Allied Health career at Monash Health, head to our dedicated webpage to find more testimonials from our teams about what it’s like to work with us.