Powered by curiosity? We are too!

Oceanographer Don Walsh once said, “Exploration is curiosity put into action.” At Monash Health, we foster the curiosity of our people because it powers exploration, discovery and innovation for positive patient outcomes.

As Victoria’s largest health service, we offer our workforce a range of opportunities to be involved in research and academic projects in combination with clinical practice. It can be as simple as running a survey or partnering with our patients and research partners in multi-disciplinary, international studies. Whether your focus is medical, nursing, midwifery, allied health or support services, you are encouraged to wonder ‘what if?’ and find pathways to better healthcare for our community.

With an enviable infrastructure that includes clinical, academic, research and translational facilities and the guidance of world-renowned heads of programs, your curiosity will take you far at Monash Health.

Watch the video and learn how life-long curiosity has been a driving force of discovery for our clinician-researchers.

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