Reconciliation Action Plan

Monash Health commits to the journey of working together with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, to promote reconciliation and to provide culturally appropriate health services and improve health outcomes, through improving relationships, opportunities and respect.

The Monash Health Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was developed in consultation with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, Monash Health staff (both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and community organisations across the region.

The plan is of great significance to Monash Health due to the comprehensive nature of the plan and the importance that it holds for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and communities.

The Reconciliation Action Plan aligns with Monash Health’s strategic guiding principles of:

  •  Providing experiences that exceed expectations
  •  Working with humility, respect, kindness and compassion in high performing teams
  •  Orientate care towards our community to optimise access, independence and wellbeing

There are many internal departments within Monash Health that contribute to the successful completion of deliverables and the implementation of policies as required.