Monash Health Foundation

The Monash Health Foundation partners with individuals and businesses within the community to continually improve and provide additional services and facilities to our patients and families.

Community support is essential and we are ever grateful for the wonderful generosity of those around us.

Every donation, however big or small, makes a difference.

Your generous donations and fundraising initiatives will support:

  • New or additional equipment that will provide more efficient and effective method of diagnosis, treatment and care.
  • Medical research including ground breaking and translational research that bring new and better methods of care and treatment to patients.
  • Additional employee salaries, scholarships and training opportunities for employees to share and build worldwide healthcare knowledge.
  • Patient and family centred care initiatives that support the wellbeing of patients and their families.
  • Capital projects such as new facilities for patients, families and carers.

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The Monash Health Foundation supports the important work of Victoria’s largest healthcare provider.