Research at the Victorian Heart Hospital

Monash Health has a significant research program, including world-leading cardiovascular research.

With significant clinical activity and a high volume of patients comes the opportunity to position the Victorian Heart Hospital as a major hub for clinical research.

In particular, the existing Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre (MCRC) already includes over 40 physician-researchers focused on delivering world class research involving patients across a wide spectrum of heart diseases. This activity is supported by strong academic and industry collaborations both nationally and globally.

The MCRC has established itself as a world-class research program in the areas of catheterisation lab-based activities, including leadership of a number of first-in-human device trials.

Monash Health is already at the forefront of research that uses CT imaging to analyse the heart and blood vessels. The Victorian Heart Hospital will take this research to the next level.

By combining the best minds from Monash Health, Monash University, and a wide network of research industry collaborators, the Victorian Heart Hospital will be a global leader in cardiovascular research.

The Victorian Health Hospital inside instalations view