Impact of the VHH

More than 300,000 adult Victorians live with heart disease, and with a growing and aging population, this number is set to rise.

The Victorian Heart Hospital will improve access to life-saving expertise and facilities, provide new opportunities for ground-breaking clinical trials, and vastly improve the treatment experience of patients and their families.

The new Victorian Heart Hospital will focus on prevention, rehabilitation, health literacy and wellness. Once completed, the hospital will dramatically increase capacity for life-saving cardiac care, providing significant benefits in patient care.

Evidence shows that existing dedicated heart hospitals around the globe change lives. Heart hospitals improve patient outcomes and accelerate the translation of major discoveries into patient treatments and innovative solutions to global cardiac health issues.

As Australia’s first dedicated heart hospital, the Victorian Heart Hospital draws on the experience and expertise of our international colleagues. It has been conceived and designed to maximise research potential, drive innovation, and facilitate world-leading research.

The Victorian Heart Hospital will train and educate the next generation of cardiac experts. Located on Monash University’s Clayton campus, the facility will bring the latest innovations in patient care to undergraduate and postgraduate students and specialist trainees across the disciplines of medicine, nursing and allied health.

We have major challenges ahead of us as we work to reduce the significant burden of heart disease in Victoria. With the Victorian Heart Hospital as our new landmark facility, we will be equipped with the ideal environment in which to face these challenges.

The Victorian Health Hospital inside instalations view