Education at the Victorian Heart Hospital

Equipping the next generation of healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge to excel is a major goal of the Victorian Heart Hospital.

Undergraduate students across medical, nursing, and allied health fields will have both theoretical and practical education and training within the hospital, and will benefit from consistent exposure to experienced clinical educators working in a patient-focused environment.

Being located on-site at Monash University will provide both students and educators with all the benefits that come with learning at one of the world’s leading universities.

Monash University enrolls more than 70,000 students per year and is one of Australia’s largest providers of education and training for doctors and nurses, offering a wide range of programs across all areas of health.

Education programs at the Victorian Heart Hospital will bring together students and educators from medical, nursing, engineering, and pharmaceutical fields, as well as providing students with access to cutting-edge technology through the University’s engineering and IT departments.

The Victorian Heart Hospital’s education programs will be integrated into the research and education community at the Clayton campus.

Cardiac health continues to develop and evolve at a remarkable rate, so the Victorian Heart Hospital will have a major focus on the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors. This will ensure our service and our people are capable of identifying the most pressing clinical needs, and that they are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and networks to address those needs.

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