Monash Health is committed to partnering strategically with our supplier base. We have transitioned to the health purchasing policies issued by Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) in 2014. Compliance will be monitored from mid 2016. Click here to view more detail on the transition.

Monash Health does not condone the offering of gifts, benefits or hospitality by our suppliers (or potential suppliers) to Monash Health staff. Suppliers should be aware that acting inconsistently with this position may result in contract re-negotiation or termination. Please note that in accordance with the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s minimum accountability requirements all Monash Health staff are required to declare offers of gifts, benefits or hospitality they receive from external third parties including suppliers. The details of the offer, including who it was offered by, will be published on our Monash Health website.

We are developing resources and processes to strengthen our supplier relationships; in many cases we are adopting tools developed by HPV. Resources now available include:

Monash Health Sourcing Activity Plan 2019. This plan lists all the major sourcing activities planned by Monash Health over the forthcoming year. Please note this is provided for planning purposes only and all activities are subject to revision or cancellation.

Monash Health Supplier Engagement Plan – this documents the processes, systems and communication approaches Monash Health uses to ensure the highest levels of trust and accountability in all dealings with our suppliers. See below for the link to the plan.

Suppliers are also advised to view the content on the Tenders page as this outlines our processes for contractor registration and pre-qualification.

The Loading Dock at Monash Medical Centre Clayton has been designed to optimise the flow of deliveries and ensure safety. It is not a carpark. Suppliers are encouraged to ensure their drivers / couriers understand and comply with our Loading Dock Traffic Management Plan.

Procurement Complaints Management: Procedure and Background . These documents outline how Monash Health responds to complaints related to procurement activities and processes.

Contract Management Strategy – this outlines a high level approach to contract management based on the analysis of the complexity profile of the procurement. See below for the link to the strategy.

Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest in Procurement: Declaration Form

Invitation to Supply Process – this maps out how Monash Health conducts a typical Invitation to Supply (single stage)

Visitors to the Operating Theatre. Please note, preferably 24 hours notice is required to assist with the coordination and support of company representatives in our operating suites.

Equipment Loan Agreement. Newly revised, this agreement is only applicable for equipment that is provided to Monash Health on a ‘loan’ or ‘trial; basis for a specified time. It is not relevant for equipment that has ‘ on loan’ as a purchase option (i.e. loan kits for the operating suites).

Other available resources include:
Industry Capability Network
National Product Catalogue
National eHealth Transition Authority
Health Purchasing Victoria

The Terms and Conditions on which we issue a purchase order for services and products are available below.

Document downloads

Purchasing Order Terms and Conditions
Summary for Supplier Updated
Indicative Sourcing Activity Plan 20167
Contract Management Strategy
Monashhealth Supplier Engagement Plan