Stories from Monash Health’s Acquired Brain Injury: Slow To Recover Program

Started in 1996, Monash Health’s Acquired Brain Injury: Slow to Recover Program (ABI:STR) has provided personalised support, assistance and therapy to over four hundred people experiencing an acquired brain injury, as well as their carers and families for just over two decades. The journey of a person with an ABI is a long one and the relationship the program forms with its clients and their families runs long and deep, supporting a cohort whose recoveries are measured in decades, not days.

Journeys is a record of some of the most moving and powerful stories from of Monash Health’s ABI:STR program. Compiled from the program’s long running newsletter by Diane Lattin, the book contains stories, artworks, poems and lyrics from clients in their own words, as well as accounts from those that care for them.