Monash Health is committed to the involvement of consumers, carers and community members at all levels of our organisation. We understand that the delivery of effective, timely and quality healthcare is only possible by working together with patients and their families.

At an individual level, that means listening to patients and families when we are caring for them. At the organisational level, it means involving consumers in our hospitals and community health centres and providing opportunities for them to give advice and feedback on how we do things. In this way, consumer participation at Monash Health is embedded at all levels of the organisation.

Monash Health is guided by the principles of the Victorian Government’s Department of Health and Human Services document Doing it with us not for us and National Standard 2, Partnering with Consumers.

Monash Health has a consumer participation framework that guides our partnering with consumer activities. This includes the:

The involvement opportunities for consumers are coordinated by the Manager, Consumer Partnerships, who you can contact for further information or advice:

Manager, Consumer Partnerships
Phone: 9594 4023

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Doing it with us not for us

Consumer participation framework