Provide home based psychiatric assessment, treatment, and case management to clients over 65 years. Clients may have a psychiatric illness, and/or dementia with associated behaviours and are living in the defined catchment areas. These services are delivered from the Kingston Centre and Endeavour Hills to the cities of Greater Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia, Bayside, Kingston, Glen Eira (part), and Monash (part) local government areas.


There are both single and shared rooms. All rooms are spacious with windows for natural light. There is a fully equipped ensuite attached to each single room and a toilet and bathroom for each shared ward.

Please understand that clinical need will always determine bed arrangements.

A G Eastwood Hostel

Allambee Nursing Home


All admissions are prearranged by a Geriatrician. If necessary, ambulance transport is arranged through the local doctor or the referring hospital. Clerical staff will visit the patient on the ward to complete any administrative details. The patient should bring Pensioner Health Entitlement Card, Medicare Card, any Health Insurance details, all current medications and walking aids.



  • General Practitioners
  • Self referral
  • Aged Care Assessment Teams
  • council support services
  • family

Involvement maybe relatively brief, but in other circumstances the team may remain involved over a longer period of time, providing support to consumers and carers through extended periods of illness and life change.


Clinical Co-Ordinator
Kingston Centre
T: 9265 1750
F: 9265 1751

Endeavour Hills
T: 9709 7100
F: 97097107