Members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Minister for Health and are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the service, appointing the Chief Executive Officer and overseeing the management of the service.

Powers and duties of the Board

Monash Health is a public health service pursuant to the Health Services Act 1988 (Vic) and:

  • is a body corporate with perpetual succession
  • may sue and be sued in its corporate name
  • is capable of purchasing, taking, holding, selling, leasing, taking on lease, exchanging and disposing of real and personal property
  • is capable of doing and suffering all acts and things which bodies corporate may by law do or suffer, and
  • the board has such powers as are necessary to enable it to carry out its function, including the power to make, amend or revoke by-laws.

The functions of the Board of Directors are:

  • to establish the objects of the hospital
  • to establish the organisational structure of the hospital
  • to appoint a person to fill a vacancy in the position of Chief Executive Officer
  • to oversee the management of the hospital by the Chief Executive Officer
  • to develop plans, strategies and budgets to ensure the provision of health services by the hospital and the long term financial viability of the hospital
  • to monitor the performance of the hospital, and
  • to monitor the performance of the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital.

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