It is estimated that more than 300,000 adult Victorians are living with heart disease. As Australia’s population grows and ages, these rates will increase. 

In the Victorian Heart Hospital, Monash Health will provide world-leading clinical cardiovascular care to all Victorians, and put specialised life-saving services within close reach of residents of Melbourne’s south-east

This project will increase access to life-saving expertise and facilities, provide new opportunities for ground-breaking clinical trials, and vastly improve the treatment experience of patients and their families. The new Victorian Heart Hospital will focus on prevention, rehabilitation, health literacy and wellness. Once completed, the hospital will dramatically increase capacity for life-saving cardiac care, providing significant benefits in patient care, including: 

Patient services 

  • 184 inpatient beds 
  • 20 cardiac ICU beds 
  • 10,500 interventional cardiac catheterisation lab and 3,000 cardiac rhythm lab procedures 
  • 2,000 open heart surgery operations 
  • 108,000 cardiac consultations 
  • Capacity for more than 28,000 cardiac emergency presentations 
  • More than 6,000 cardiac CT scans and 4,000 cardiac MRIs 

Reduced waiting times 

  • Cardiovascular waiting times reduced by up to 18 weeks 
  • Average length of stay reduced by 10 per cent
  • Waiting times for non-urgent procedures down to less than 3 hours 

Increased comfort for patients and their families 

  • Remove the need for 2,000 inter-hospital patient transfers each year, and 
  • Avoid 21,000 bed moves each year through an innovative and “universal” bed model of cardiac care.

Training tomorrow’s cardiac care workforce 

The impact of the Victorian Heart Hospital extends well beyond its physical catchment. The Victorian Heart Hospital will train new generations of Victoria’s cardiac workforce, bringing the latest innovations in patient care to undergraduate and postgraduate students and specialist trainees across the disciplines of medicine, nursing and allied health. 

In 2026, this is expected to include 310 undergraduate students, 260 postgraduate students, 20 PhD students and 30 sub-speciality fellowships. The Victorian Heart Hospital will also provide a range of professional development courses delivering around 7,400 learning days in 2026.