Personal training prices

30 minutes $44  | $66 for two people together
45 minutes $55 | $77 for two people together
60 minutes $66 | $44 each for two people together

Healthwise Fitness Staff

Linda Becker – Clayton

Role at Healthwise Fitness: Gym Manager/Pilates Instructor

Healthwise Fitness Manager, Linda


Undergraduate Bachelor of Science, Health Sciences
Advanced Diploma in Management
Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor
Les Mills Body Balance and RPM Instructor
Aqua Exercise Trainer
Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer
Certificate III Recreational Leadership

Area of Expertise:

After a lifetime of group exercise training, recreational programming and fitness instruction; I have naturally progressed into the management and business development side of the health, fitness and recreational industry.

I have always enjoyed the challenge of working with non-athletic groups, and have nurtured many to realise a potential they never knew they possessed.   It is particularly important to me, that everyone has an opportunity to realise the benefits of exercise and movement in a safe environment.

“LIVE, LAUGH, DANCE, MOVE AND PLAY sounds better than SQUAT, LUNGE, BURPEE each day!”

Jill Reed – Clayton/Kingston

Role at Healthwise Fitness: Gym Manager/Personal Trainer

jill photo Healthwise3

Applied Science Degree in Human Movement
Certificate I, II & III in Nutrition
Level I & II Sports Trainer
Diploma of Massage

Area of Expertise:
I have been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years, and although my role here at Healthwise Fitness is mainly administrative, I love transforming minds and bodies! Helping people change their mindsets and habits long term, as well as helping people overcome injuries is what keeps me in this industry! I love it! Aiming to instruct perfect execution of movement is key for me.

Here at Healthwise we want to create positive experiences every day. Whether it be the class you choose, or the program you are given, or the advice you receive—we want you to walk away feeling inspired and motivated.

‘Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment’

Jade Blann – Clayton/Kingston/Dandenong

Role at Healthwise Fitness: Gym Instructor/Member Services Coordinator/Personal Trainer

Jade photo Healthwise Copy

Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Diploma of Sports Development
A.C.E Certified Boxing fitness trainer
Fitness Australia—Level Two Exercise Professional

Area of Expertise:
I would love to help you be the best ‘you’, regardless of whether you’ve never set foot inside a gym before, or you’ve been coming to the gym for years, I am here to help you with your fitness journey.

Having been through my own weight loss journey of more than 20kg, I know how it feels and what it takes to achieve what you thought was not possible, and you know what? It can be fun! We just need to find the type of exercise you enjoy.

Personally, I love a challenge and have completed a variety of events including Tough Mudder, Stadium Stomp, Eureka Climb, Mirabella Mountain, a variety of running races. Having a goal helps me to keep on track with my training.

No one stays motivated all the time and that is where good habits and an empathetic, dedicated trainer come in. If you want it, I will give you a call if you haven’t been into the gym when you said you would! I can help keep you accountable but you have to want it first.

“I am me, and I want to be the best me that I can be”

Jess Chretien – Clayton/Kingston

Role at Healthwise Fitness: Gym Instructor/Member Services Officer/Personal Trainer

jess photo Healthwise Copy

Certificate 4 Fitness/Personal Trainer
AustSwim Teacher
Diploma in Massage Therapy
Pilates Instructor

Area of Expertise:
As a Personal Trainer I have a genuine commitment towards my client’s fitness goals that goes beyond just your session. For some, coming into a gym can be intimidating and make you feel very vulnerable. That’s where I come in…to help and guide you along the way. It is a journey we take together. You will have my full attention and support and it can be a life changing experience for you. So if you are looking for that extra motivation, or don’t know where to start, then lets talk more!

My areas of expertise are helping you uphold a level of fitness, to help maintain a healthy weight or weight loss.  As well as injury prevention/rehabilitation and sporting competition preparation (Golf, Swimming, Basketball, Tri-Athlons and Marathons). Also as a Massage Therapist I specialise in competition preparation (Pre and Post event), Relaxation and Remedial Massage.

“If you never push yourself to your limits you’ll never know how far you can go”

Jenny Margeridis – Clayton

Role at Healthwise Fitness: Member Services Officer/Pilates Instructor

jenny photo Healthwise Copy

Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
Certificate 3 (Fitness) + Certificate 4 (Personal training)
Pilates Instruction Certificate 4 APMA Level 2 2008
Chi Ball Method Instructor 2012
Completed Barre Attack Instructor Training 2013

Area of Expertise:
I have a strong fitness and Pilates background. My passion for Pilates began 15 years ago when I did a short course in Pilates to include in my client’s work out programs. I studied and gained my certification through the Australian Pilates Method Association in 2008. Since then I have been a professional Pilates Instructor for both studio and mat classes at various venues across Melbourne as well as running my home-based studio.

My passion for Pilates comes through in my teaching of the Pilates method. I love to constantly keep my classes interesting, flowing and enjoyable. My application of the Pilates Method is based on corrective movement, awareness and progression to the next level.

‘The body achieves what the mind believes!”

Nizco Percy – Clayton/Dandenong

Role at Healthwise Fitness: Gym Instructor/Group Fitness/Member Services Officer

nizco photo Healthwise

Certificate III & IV
Boxing for Life Certification
Suspension Training
Certificate of Functional Mobility

Area of Expertise:
I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach. My style of training specifically focuses on mastering body weight exercises, utilising a variety of training modes to develop strength. Challenging the body this way places greater demands on co-ordination, proprioception, balance and flexibility. I like to help people to reach their goals by showing them the fun side to exercise, and being creative with their programs and my classes. I believe exercise doesn’t have to be a chore and I like the challenge of helping you to enjoy it and feel great about yourself!

‘It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles’

Peter McGregor – Dandenong

Role at Healthwise Fitness in Dandenong: Gym Instructor

peter mcGregor photo Healthwise

Certificate III & IV in Fitness
TRX Suspension Training
TRX Rip Training
Kettlebell Level 1
Body Weight Training

Area of Expertise:
I am passionate about exercise and take a holistic approach to health and fitness to coach and educate others to improve their lifestyle….To transform their lives utilising tried and tested training methods and philosophies.
My training interests and objectives focus on functional training for strength & conditioning, muscle tone and weight loss utilising a variety of training tools including suspension, asymmetrical, body weight and traditional resistance equipment.

Mary Melikian – Dandenong

Role at Healthwise Fitness in Dandenong: Gym Instructor
mary sarian photo Healthwise

Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate in Mixed Martial Arts

Area of Expertise:
It’s always a pleasure to meet new people and guide them through ways to take care of their bodies and to feel their best. I love giving each member special attention, focussing on exercise technique and progression to achieve their individual goals. With a background of mixed martial arts, I like to incorporate self-defense moves into my classes to add variety and fun.

“Being happy never goes out of style”

Paige Reese – Clayton/Dandenong

Role at Healthwise Fitness: : Gym Instructor/Group Fitness/Personal Trainer

Diploma of Sports Development
Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
Pilates Instructor
AustSwim Instructor
Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Area of Expertise:
From a young age I have had a passion for Health and Fitness. I loved accomplishing my sport and fitness goals and being
motivated by my coaches. I want to help you achieve your goals and be the best you can be… like my coaches did for me.

Completing my 5 hour non-stop swim and 50km walk, I realise how important it is to be pushed and inspired by others, and that’s where I want to motivate you to achieve your goals not only in the gym but also outside the gym. I will give you a message, a call, send you a quote and change sessions up each week, to keep you accountable and motivated to achieve those goals.

“Don’t dream of it, work hard for it.”

Catriona McCallum – Clayton

Role at Healthwise Fitness in Dandenong: Member Services Officer/Pilates and Zumba Instructor


​Level 2 APMA Pilates Method Instructor
Licensed Zumba Fitness and Piloxing Barre Instructor
Certificate III in Fitness (Group Exercise) and Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Training)
APMA Member (Australian Pilates Method Association)

Area of Expertise:

I was originally introduced to the Pilates Method through classical ballet. To me, the Pilates Method is all about mindful movement, participants becoming more aware of how their body moves and learning to work muscles they never knew they had!

I fell into instructing Zumba® Fitness by accident… I tried a Zumba® Fitness class one day and one thing led to another, I discovered a new passion, and decided I would like to share the experience.

“We don’t sweat in Zumba®, we glow!”