Use these helpful resources to meet your Healthy Sports Clubs targets.

More information on Healthy Sports Clubs framework is available here.


Heart Foundation- Walking Group 
Live Lighter – Resources promoting healthy lifestyles
Nutrition Australia – Fact sheets promoting optimal health
Australian Government – Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviours Guidelines
Vic Health – Physical activity and sedentary behaviour evidence summary



Healthy Eating Advisory Service – Vending Assessment
Healthy Eating Advisory Service – Plan-o-gram
Healthy Eating Advisory Service – Free online training for point of sale staff
Healthy Eating Advisory Service- Recipes for green and amber food/meals
Eat for Health- Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
Live Lighter – Resources to promote healthy lifestyles
Nutrition Australia – Fact sheets promoting optimal health
Rethink Sugary Drinks- Tips and resources
VicSport – Healthy and Welcoming Sport
Healthy Eating Advisory Service- Training for retail food outlets
Australian Government – Healthy eating for children
Australian Government – Healthy eating for adults
Australian Government – Eat for health
Good Sports – Water is available poster 

AFL Specific:
Healthy Choices fact sheet – Healthy Choices Junior AFL Football
Healthy Choices fact sheet – Hydration for Junior AFL Football
Sports Dietitians Australia – Fuelling Active Kids



Sports Medicine Australia – Sports fact sheets
Sports Medicine Australia – Policy Templates
Play by the rules – Policy Templates
Sports Medicine Australia – Sports Injury Record Form
Play by the rules- Response Process for Incidents 
Goodsports – Incident Register Template
Sport and Recreation Victoria- Fair Play Code 
Sports Medicine Australia – Sports fact sheets
Play by the rules – Posters & Postcards
Smartplay – Guide to injury management
Smartplay – Beat the heat
Play by the rules – Online Training
Play by the rules – Complaint handling principles and guidelines
Smart Play – Preventing Cricket Injuries



Quit- QuitMail
Quit- Quit Coach
Quit- Website
WHO- World No Tobacco Day
Quit Victoria – Resources for sports clubs
Quit- Smokefree Clubs
Victoria State Government – Current Bans
Quit Victoria –Guidelines to implement smoke free environments 
Vic Sport – Healthy and Welcoming Sport
Department of Health Victoria – Tobacco Reforms



Good Sports – Alcohol resources
Goods Sports – Responsible Service of Alcohol courses
Goodsports – Incident Register Template
Vic Sport – Responsible Use of Alcohol



SunSmart – Sample Policy
SunSmart – Widget
SunSmart- App
SunSmart – Interactive tools 
SunSmart – Publications and posters
VicSport – Healthy and Welcoming Sport
SunSmart – Online learning modules

SunSmart – 10 myths about sun protection
SunSmart – Sid Seagull Poster
SunSmart – Being SunSmart in Victoria
SunSmart – Outside Sun Smart Facilities sign
SunSmart – Play is safe with Sid Seagull
SunSmart – Sid Seagull 5 steps poster
SunSmart – Today’s sun protection times
SunSmart – Sun Protection infographic poster