Art Beat is our active, vibrant and engaging Arts in Health program. The Art Beat program includes exhibitions, community activities, lunchtime concerts and artists-in-residence. The arts also play a significant role in the clinical setting at Monash Health and are utilised in Occupational Therapy programes such as Art Therapy, Play Therapy and Music Therapy.

Utopia Art Opening   Utopia Art Opening  viewing art
Photos above: In situ MMC, Clayton: Julia Ciccarone, Tunnerl Vision, 1991.

The arts and the display of original artworks throughout our health service enhance and improve our public spaces aesthetically while also playing an important role in creating an optimum healing environment. Our goal is to create a physical health environment that reflects Monash Health values, such as integrity, compassion, respect  and excellence.

Evidence based research indicates that the arts can assist in creating a more relaxing environment where therapeutic benefits are passed on to patients and their families and carers. Research demonstrates that surroundings that contain less stress and divert attention from the health problem at hand, contribute to a swifter recovery and rehabilitation.