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Monash Health is committed to providing specialist care and advice close to home. Our Telehealth service will ensure that rural and regional patients have equal access to health care as those who are metro based.
Telehealth video consultations can be dialled into within the patient’s own home or via supported video consultation in partnership with your GP, or local specialist.

How Telehealth works

A telehealth appointment is, in many ways, just like any other specialist outpatient appointment at Monash Health. Instead of driving to the hospital and meeting your clinician face-to-face, you will be meeting on a screen. As with a face-to-face appointment, you will arrive and wait in a virtual waiting area until the specialist joins you. The consultaion is delivered via a secure and private virtual clinic room. No part of the consultation is recorded nor is it shared with anyone that is not present.

Attending a telehealth appointment

If you book in to see your specialist via telehealth you will receive an appointment letter with the time and date of your telehealth consult.

Please perform a test call to check whether your equipment (such as web-camera and speakers) and internet speed are working correctly. To complete the test call, click either the Paediatric Telehealth or Adult Telehealth button at the top of the page (whichever is applicable to you) and choose the specilaty you have been referred to. We recommend that you perform your test call well in advance to avoid delays on the day of your appointment.

When you are ready to start your telehealth appointment, you will enter the consult in the same way. Please follow the instructions on your appointment letter. We ask that you log into your telehealth video call approximately 10 minutes before your appointment and wait for your specialist to join the call.

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