This clinic screens children from birth to eighteen years of age for conditions relating to their feet and lower limbs. The child will undergo assessment to identify their needs.  Appropriate management may involve:

  • home program
  • individual therapy/treatment
  • attendance at a group


  • Children up to eighteen years.
  • Children who having the following:
    • lower limb posture-talipes (club foot), bow legs, knock knees
    • walking-intoeing, up on toes, excessive tripping, clumsy gait
    • lower limb pain/injury/orthopaedic concerns.

Waiting list

  • Our information and appointment service will advise on acceptance.

Referral and General Enquiries

For referrals and general enquiries please call

  • T: 1300 3 iCARE  (1300 342 273)


  • $8.00 – pension and Health Care Card holders
  • $10.00 – no pension or benefit
  • Orthotics at cost price
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