Cheryl-Ann Hawkins is the Operations Manager – early phase drug trials for Oncology Research at Monash Health. She leads a team of study coordinators and clinical trial assistants, providing access to world first drugs to patients with cancer. She has worked in various leadership and Oncology nursing roles in a career spanning 27 years.

Cheryl-Ann completed her nurse training in 1990, going on to complete her nursing degree in 1992, a post graduate diploma in Oncology/Palliative care nursing in 1996, a Master degree in Health Administration in 2004 and a post graduate certificate in Oncology Research in 2012.

Cheryl-Ann holds an affiliate position with Monash University/Monash Partners educating and certifying researchers in Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

Cheryl-Ann is the Australian Ambassador for the Society of Clinical Research (Sites SRCS) with a keen interest in supporting study sites and improving processes to ensure sites can contribute to clinical research without the administrative burdens that are sometimes demanded by clinical trials. Cheryl-Ann is focused on the practicalities of protocols, working with Pharma to ensure a positive impact on patients and resources at site level.

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