Graduate Program

Monash Health offers a Graduate program which will support you in an educational and clinical environment as you make the exciting transition from student to registered nurse and/or midwife.

 Monash Health offers the following Graduate Programs:

  • Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery
  • Nursing (Dandenong and Monash Programs)
  • Mid Year
  • Combined Nursing and Midwifery
  • Midwifery
  • Mental Health

Important Announcements

Are you applying for a 2018 Graduate Year at Monash Health?

Applications are closing on Friday 21st July 2017 for all 2018 Monash Health Graduate Nurse/Midwife Programs.

Please see below some last minute FAQs to assist in submitting applications via the Monash Health e-recruit system.

I am still waiting for my transcript with results from Semester 1, 2017. Can I submit it after applications close?

Yes. You must submit your application prior to the closing date and can do so without a transcript. Once you receive your up to date transcript you can e-mail this to us at

Do I have to submit a cover letter?

No, we do not require you to submit a cover letter as part of your application for 2018 Graduate Nurse/Midwife Programs at Monash Health. As part of your application you only need to submit the following:

1. A CV using the Monash Health Graduate Program CV template
2. Your 2 most recent clinical appraisals (certified)
3. A complete Monash Health Fit2Work form and the necessary 100 points of certified identification
4. A certified copy of your academic transcript

My transcript/appraisals are online and are automatically certified by the university system. Is it ok for me to submit these as part of my application?

Yes. We accept transcripts and appraisals that have been digitally certified by the education provider. You do not need to get these re-certified.

I am having trouble uploading all of my documents into the system. What should I do?

Ideally, you should collate your clinical appraisals and transcript all into one file and upload this under ‘Other Documents’. If you still need more space for files you can upload any document under the ‘Photo’ field. If you are still having difficulty uploading all of your documents in the provided fields, you can submit your application and then e-mail the outstanding documents to

I have clicked the icon to send reference forms out but the system now shows that my references are ‘Incomplete’. Can I still submit my application?

Yes. Do not delay submitting your application to wait for references to complete. Your referees will still be able to complete the online reference form and return this after the application closing date. 

If you having any further questions about applications please don’t hesitate to contact our Graduate Team on 9594 7732 or via

Best of luck with your Graduate applications!

About our Graduate Programs

 Please refer to our online, printer-friendly brochure:

 gnmp cover

Have questions about our programs? Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions!

Information for International Students

If you are ineligible for PMCV Computer Match but are still interested in our Graduate Programs please complete our form at 

Hospital Tours

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Application Process

Applications for 2018 Graduate Nurse Program positions (including mid-year) are now open! Applications will close Friday 21 July 2017. 


 How to apply

  • Familiarise yourself with the 2018 Application Guidelines
  • All applicants must register with PMCV Computer Matching service. For more information visit Please note that you will need to provide your PMCV Candidate ID number as part of your application.
  • Create an account in the Monash Health eRecruit system at When the job advertisement opens you will need to have an account in order to submit your application.

As part of the application process via the Monash Health eRecruit system, you will be asked to submit the following documents:

  • Monash Health Graduate Program Curriculum Vitae (CV) Template. In the 'Clinical Referee' section of the template you will be asked to provide details of two (2) clinical references (third year if possible) who can describe your nursing/midwifery practice. A copy of this template will be available attached to the job advertisement.
  • A certified copy of your most recent academic transcript including the grading key page.
  • Certified copies of your two (2) most recent clinical appraisals.
  • A completed copy of the Monash Health Fit2Work form with 100 points of certfied identification (Please note that we cannot accept existing Fit2Works or Police Checks. The Monash Health Fit2Work will be completed at no cost to you)

Please note that we do not require a cover letter. When you submit your application you will be asked to respond to several questions regarding:

  • Why you would like to be a part of the Monash Health Graduate Program
  • The qualities you would bring to the role
  • Your learning goals for the graduate year

 Benefits of being a Monash Health Graduate

Monash Health offers Graduates a range of employee benefits including but not limited to:

  • 5 weeks annual leave (EFT dependant), spread between two rotations
  • Salary packaging
  • Free, confidential counselling services

For more information about these and other benifits offered to Monash Health employees please visit the Employee Benefits page at

Important information and Useful Links

PMCV computer match

AHPRA website


Graduate Nurse Program Support Managers
AnnMarie Mullan & Stacey Rogers
Ph. (03) 9594 7779
Mob. 0466 027 970 
         0466 204 135 

Graduate Program Admin Office
Administration Assistant
Ph. (03) 9594 2876

Graduate Midwife Program Manager
Anna OConnell
9594 7732

Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program

Graduate Co-ordinator
Shelley Black

 Aboriginal Graduate and Cadetship Program Coordinator

 Aboriginal and TSI flags

Judy Clayton
Ph: 0408 384 494

Aboriginal Graduate Program Information Flyer

What is life like as a Monash Health graduate?



“I am currently completing my first rotation at Casey Hospital and feel so welcome in my ward. I have the support of my clinical educators and they visit almost every shift. The ward staff are friendly and supportive which I feel is very valuable to me as a Grad Nurse.” – Medhawini Edirisinghe, 2017 Monash Health Graduate Nurse.


“My first 2 months at Monash Medical Centre have been nothing but enjoyable. I’ve felt challenged & have had to work really hard, but support is easy to access. I really feel like every shift I grow as a nurse and my practice is always getting better. I’d recommend the Graduate Nurse Program at Monash to everyone!” – Jaimee Abbott, 2017 Monash Health Graduate Nurse.


“I’ve gained experience – and lots of it! I feel really well grounded now that I’m nearing the end of my graduate year. I’ve not only developed my midwifery skills and knowledge but have learnt about myself as a budding practitioner. It has been a very valuable experience which I am so happy to have done!” – Kelly Maree Maughan, Monash Health June 2016 Graduate Midwife.

Claire C

“I really enjoyed having a preceptor. We would catch up out of work for a coffee and debrief. It was also really comforting that we always had access to our educators through their pagers.” – Claire Carew, 2016 Monash Health Graduate Midwife.


“In mental health, we have an intense orientation period and study days. That support is so helpful and useful - really necessary for transitioning into the mental health environment.” – Stephanie Verstanding, Monash Health 2016 Mental Health Graduate Nurse.