Gender Clinic

Gender Dysphoria Clinic

Information for Potential Clients

Thank you for enquiring about our clinic. We hope the information here is of help to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the clinic - but remember we are only open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Click on the following link to find out more: GDC Info Pack

Please be advised that Gender Clinic is not an emergency response service, should urgent action be required please contact your local Psychiatric Triage Service. Gender Clinic currently has a wait list system but if you prefer a quicker response you may wish to be seen privately, for an list of private providers go to the following page: or alternatively you can click on this link List of Private Providers

Taking the first step

In order to make an appointment we need to receive the following:

  1. A doctor's referral
  2. A completed one page General Information Form this form is the final page in the info pack.
  3. 3. A report or psychiatric assessment from any previous mental health clinician you may have seen (if relevant)

You can either email or post your referral and paperwork to:
The Clinical Director
Gender Dysphoria Clinic
Southern Community Mental Health Service
352 South Road
Hampton East Victoria 3188
Phone: (03) 9556 5216 (Tuesday & Wednesday)

We hope this information answers some of your immediate questions. We are happy to hear from you, if you require further information on (03) 9556 5216 (Tuesday and Wednesday).

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