Partnering with consumers

Monash Health recognises that involving consumers, carers and community members at all levels of our operations (from the individual to the organisational level) is a prerequisite to ensuring we are providing optimal, effective and quality treatment and care to our community. To facilitate this Monash Health has established consumer participation as a fundamental component of our organisational culture and strategic processes.

At Monash Health consumer advisors are involved in the governance of our health services from the individual to the organisational level. This is supported by the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) nd the Patient eXperience Office and associated work plans. Consumer participation at Monash Health is embedded at all levels of the organisation.

Monash Health is guided by the principles of the Department of Health document Doing it With Us Not For Us and National Standard 2, Partnering with Consumers.

For further information
Consumer Participation Coordinator
Phone: 9594 6230



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