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Because of her, we can: celebrating Annie Ralph


Annie Ralph

11 July 2018

Everyone has a woman they look up to and for Alice Robins it is her Great Great Grandmother Annie Ralph.

Alice Robins is a proud Yuin woman and works as a Speech Pathologist at Monash Health. She has shared an inspirational story about her Great Great Grandmother Annie Ralph's fight for justice.

Alice now has the courage to never give up and achieve anything she sets her mind to.

Alice's Great Great Grandmother Annie Ralph, is a Yuin woman from Nambucca Heads in NSW.

From the late 1800s, successive NSW Education Ministers and Departments instructed NSW schools to remove Aboriginal children from school if non-Aboriginal parents complained.

Annie’s children were removed from school in 1915 and Annie refused to accept this injustice and wrote to the Education Department demanding their readmission.

She also contacted the Army, requesting that her son William (Alice's Great Grandfather) be discharged. Annie believed that “if the State would not allow her children to be educated in the public schools, then she did not think her eldest son should fight for his country” in the First World War.

Annie never gave up her fight and two years later, her children won the right to be readmitted to school.

Annie is a perfect example of an inspirational woman and instills a sense of strength and resilience for current and future generations.

Thank you Alice for sharing your empowering story about your Great Great Grandmother.

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