Specialist Consulting (Outpatients)

Monash Specialist Consulting provides an extensive range of medical and surgical specialist clinics supported by multidisciplinary staff including allied health specialists, diagnostic services and interpreter services. Specialist Consulting clinics operate across Monash Health's acute and community sites.

Accessing Specialist Consulting Services

Recent initiatives at Monash Health have resulted in additional clinics being established. Many of our services now operate under a MBS funding model and as such a Medicare compliant referral is required. To ensure compliance, all referrals to Monash Specialist Consulting should be to a named clinician, the Head of Unit. The Head of Unit may then delegate the patient to an appropriately qualified clinician in their specialty. Where appropriate, referrals should be provided for an indefinite period so that another referral is not required in future.

Referral Guidelines

To support General Practitioners and the effective management of specialist clinic resources, referral guidelines have been developed for outpatient specialities. These guidelines can be accessed below by clicking on the link for the appropriate specialty. A printable electronic listing of our Heads of Units is also available here.

General Practitioners/Referrers will be notified if the referral does not contain adequate information. Please note: In accordance with the Department of Health Specialist Clinics in Victoria Public Hospitals - Access Policy 6.3, if an updated referral is not received within 30 working days the referrer will be notified that the referral is considered withdrawn and it will be rejected. The patient will also receive notification.

General Practitioners and their patients will be notified of the patient's appointment or addition to the appropriate outpatient specialist clinics waiting list.

Referral Tool

The General Practice Referral Template (GPRT) - formerly known as the Victorian State-wide Referral Form is the standardised template used by primary care providers to ensure provision of complete and high quality referrals to specialist clinics. This tool is housed in most major clinical software or can be downloaded from http://www.nhv.org.au/general-practice/2015/3/11/gp-referral-template

Please refer to the Department of Health Specialist Clinics in Victoria Public Hospitals Access Policy - Section 6

Specialty Listing

Click on the links below to access our Specialty Program's Referral Guidelines
Specialty Head of Unit
Allied Health Team Specific
Cardiology Emily Kotschet
Cardiothoracic Surgery Julian Smith
Cleft & Facial Anomolies & Specialist Dental Christopher Poon
Clinical Nutrition Sharon Marks
Colorectal Brian Hodgkins
Dermatology Adrian Mar
Diabetes & Vascular Medicine Helena Teede
Endocrinology Peter Fuller
Gastroenterology & Hepatology William Sievert
General Surgery Alan Saunder
Genetics Services Richard King
Geriatric Medicine Barbara Workman
Gynaecology Beverley Vollenhoven
Haematology Stephan Opat
Head & Neck & Ear, Nose & Throat Neil Vallance
Immunology & Allergy Stephen Holdsworth
& Sara Barnes
Infectious Diseases Tony Korman
Maternity (Obstetrics) Dr Ryan Hodges
Maxillofacial Christopher Poon
Nephrology (Renal) Professor Peter Kerr
Neurosurgery Andrew Danks
Oncology Eva Segelov
Ophthalmology Christine Chen
Orthopaedics Ton Tran
Pain Medicine Barbara Workman
Plastic Surgery Michael Leung
Refugee Health Andrew Block
Respiratory Philip Bardin
Rheumatology Eric Morand
Urology Mark Frydenberg
Vascular Surgery Ming Ye & Roger Bell


 Updated: 12/01/2016

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Specialist Consulting Referral Management Service (Access)
Specialist Consulting referrals and enquiries
1300 3 iCARE T:1300 342 273 
F:959 iCARE - 9594 2273 
E: outpatient_enquiries@monashhealth.org


Maternity Central Bookings

Medicare Eligible Patients:
Nil cost to patients who are eligible for Medicare

Medicare Ineligible Patients:
A fee will be charged for all services provided to patients who are ineligible for Medicare

MBS-Billed Services:
Some clinics offer and operate MBS-Billed Services with no out of pocket expenses. Your patient will require a valid referral addressed to a treating Monash Specialist to meet the requirements for MBS Billed Services. Please ensure you provide the patient with an indefinite referral addressed to the Head of Unit (as listed on the referral guidelines).