A medical specialty concerned with the kidneys and especially with their structure, functions, and diseases.

Caring for your kidneys: Treat high blood pressure * Maintain a healthy weight * Drink water instead * Exercise regularly * Eat healthy food *

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  • Want to know quickly what your kidneys do - Have a look at this page from Kidney Health Australia .
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  • For general information on kidney disease and treatment types, including fact sheets and booklets, refer to Kidney Health Australia's website here.

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The Monash Health Department of Nephrology is one of the largest nephrology departments in Australia.

We deliver nephrology services throughout the south-eastern metropolitan region of Melbourne, extending into Gippsland, across nine sites in eleven locations. The current staff complement is over 400, including 29 nephrologists, five registrars, five residents and two nurse practitioners. We care for over 2,300 patients, and also conduct extensive clinical and laboratory research. Both research units are world renowned. 

The big red kidney bus, believed to be a world-first project, is operated by the department in partnership with Kidney Health Australia. In essence, a metropolitan sized bus is now a mobile dialysis unit, so patients can receive their dialysis treatments and have a holiday at the same time.

Monash Health is one of two hospitals in Australia delivering pancreas transplants to patients living in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Known as a National Funded Centre Program, these highly specialised transplants are funded in full by the Federal Government.


Services by location and telephone numbers  

Telephone number
Casey Hospital
Satellite haemodialysis unit
8768 1566
Monash Medical Centre, Clayton
Acute renal ward 34 south
Clinical research
Haemodialysis technical services
Incentre acute haemodialysis
Kidney/pancreas transplantation
Laboratory research
Patient education
Social work
9594 3468
9594 3526; 9594 3521
9594 4068
0419 318 376
9594 3466
9594 3011; 9594 3441
9594 3527
9594 3531
9594 2290
Cranbourne Integrated Care Centre  
Satellite haemodialysis unit
Social work
5990 6272
5990 6272
5990 6272
Dandenong 122 Thomas Street
Home haemodialysis training unit
Home peritoneal dialysis unit
Satellite haemodialysis unit
Social work
9792 7813
9792 7817
9792 7800
9497 8380
9794 8731
Hastings, part of The Bays Hospital Group Inc.
Satellite haemodialysis unit
5979 0344
Moorabbin Hospital 
Satellite haemodialysis unit
Social work 
9928 8786
9928 8372
9594 2290
Traralgon, part of Latrobe Regional Hospital
Satellite haemodialysis unit
5173 8849
Warragul, part of West Gippsland Healthcare Group
Satellite haemodialysis unit
5623 0855
Wonthaggi, part of Bass Coast Regional Health
Satellite haemodialysis unit
5671 3309

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Department of Nephrology
246 Clayton Road, Clayton, 3168, Victoria, Australia
Ph: 61 3 9594 3529
Fax: 61 3 9594 6530

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Professor Peter Kerr
Director of Nephrology

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Associate Professor John Kanellis
Deputy Director of Nephrology
Head of Transplantation Unit

Find out more about the Big Red Kidney Bus (mobile holiday dialysis unit) here

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