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Monash Health signs EMR contract with Cerner

Monash Health is pleased to announce that it has formally entered into an agreement with the Cerner Corporation to deliver its Electronic Medical Record Program (EMR) by 2019.

A global leader in healthcare technology, Cerner’s EMR is being used by more than 18,000 facilities around the world and has been active in Australia since 1991.

The contractual relationship between Monash Health and Cerner has been designed to be a true collaboration, aimed at providing both parties with an ongoing source of innovation that draws on respective strengths.

“The experience of Cerner, combined with the knowledgeable and extensive input from Monash Health clinicians led by the EMR Clinical Council, is a partnership that gives me great confidence for the future,” said Monash Health Chief Executive, Andrew Stripp.
The agreement comes after widespread exploration work by the EMR Program Team at Monash Health to understand the unique needs of the organisation and determine the best partnership to bring it to reality.

“Monash Health will benefit significantly from the innovation needed to create an EMR,” added Mr Stripp. “The creation of a digital clinical patient record keeping system will not only provide rapid access to an individual patient’s entire medical history, but also create a basis for improved decision support and research, which in turn results in better outcomes for our community.”

While the signing of the contract is a significant step towards Monash Health’s long-standing EMR vision, all parties are aware of the extensive work that lies ahead. International experience has demonstrated that a successful EMR project requires widespread and effective clinical engagement as well as strong leadership, and Monash Health has made a commitment to lead the development with organisational collaboration and the technical expertise and support of Cerner.

“The organisation as a whole is committed to providing the necessary leadership and direct involvement to ensure we deliver an EMR which is transformational and ultimately creates a better Monash Health for our patients, our staff and our community,” said Mr Stripp.

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