Head of Unit: A/Professor Andrew Block

Monash Health Refugee Health and Wellbeing service provides comprehensive primary care services together with outpatient services including infectious diseases, paediatrics and psychiatry. These services are all conveniently collocated at 122 Thomas Street, Dandenong; providing holistic care for some of the communities most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Referral Guidelines:

Address referral to the Head of Unit, A/ Professor Andrew Block. The patient will be seen by a clinician within this specialty. The referral should be sent using the General Practice Referral Form, indicating that it is valid for an indefinite period.

Please see individual clinic guidelines for eligibility criteria and specific referral requirements:


Please fax all referrals to:

Attention: Refugee Health Nurse on Triage
Fax: 9792 7759


Manager: Jacquie McBride
P: 0420 971 782

Refugee Health Nurse on Triage
P: 9792 8100

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